Benefits of PTC-Circle

Benefits to Parents

  • Access siblings record from a single location
  • Access to teacher and school management
  • Receive information about activities and announcements
  • Homework, Assignment, Report Cards, Wards Presence and remarks can be easily reviewed
  • Parents can review their child's day to day improvement by receiving E-mail and SMS
  • Parents can view their ward's performance even by saying their time and energy
  • Ease of communication with school management and teachers
  • Regular updates about ward's performance and other activities
  • Available on Android & iOS mobile apps

Benefits to Teachers

  • A quick way to provide information to the parents
  • Teacher can remain in regular contact with parents for discussing about student's performance
  • Access all information from a single location
  • Communicate effectively with students and parents.
  • Remarks given by the teachers can be easily viewed on mobile
  • Focus on teaching rather than administrative process
  • Saving of lots of time as a result of reduction in lots of paper work
  • An easiest way to provide all information to students and their parents

Benefits to Schools

  • Online access to school data at central level
  • Online Test Facilities (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Save Money and Time regarding expenses of Staff, Stationery and Courier
  • Regular parents involvement leads to the progress of the School
  • Detailed Class and Child's analysis for Parents, Teachers and School
  • Brand building of school image as school provides services to parents and bringing them closer to school
  • Helps to meet the instant requirements for Government Departments
  • Helps to meet the instant data for future policy formulation
  • Encrypted data storage to prevent access from unauthorized entities
  • Easy to implement.

Benefits to Management

  • Detailed analysis of Attendance records
  • Academic record details analysis
  • 24X7 access to each and every student's profile
  • Access to the work done by staff
  • Easy access to the homework, remarks and assignments sent by the teachers
  • Access to any kind of information conveyed to parents
  • School Almanac(Exams, Holidays, PTM, Activities Schedules)
  • Option to give suggestion/comments to students, which can be easily viewed by parents
  • Increase in efficiency with better utilization of resources
  • Plan for growth and scale with optimized operation
  • Supports chain schools and multiple branches