PTC Circle-Smart School Information System

Parent Teacher Child circle (PTC-Circle, An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company) is an initiative by us to reduce the gap between the child and the parent by using the schol as a bridge bwtween them. We intend to create a synergistic relation between the school and parents for the benefits of child. PTC-Circle is a web based portal which helps m maintaining the school's operation like admission details, student records, attendence reports and test and examination report. this saving time, money, paper work and efforts and getting the best results out of the information technology. Parents can review their childern improvement by entering in system just by login into students area. Read more

Products & Solutions

PTC-Circle CCE Report Card Generation software is a very user friendly report card generatation software through which any one can generate CCE Reports based on CBSE patterns for all fields. Read more
PTC Cicle Fee Management Application is very effective and user friendly fee management application. The application enables user to print customized fee reports according to variuos environments. Read more
PTC Circle Library Management Application covers all the aspects of a library. The features include Stock Management, Bar Code Inegration For Cards, Card Generation. Read more
PTC Circle SMS Alerts informs parents about their ward's daily perormance in the school. It includes alerts for Holidays, Attendance, Homework, Exam etc. Read more
Smart GPS Tracking System GPS trackers provide an excellent way to keep track of where your young kids or teens are traveling. Through the use of a small device and a simple software application Read more
PTC Circle Mobile App informs parents about their ward's daily perormance in the school. You can download it from Google play store. Read more
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